How To Write 5000 Words In A Single Day

Writing is not an easy job. Furthermore, writing 5000 words a day is not a simple task. However, it is possible if you follow some simple routines that we are going to describe. If you have had trouble writing a 250-word essay in the past, this article will be transformational to you. Now let us learn how we can actualize writing 5000 words a day.

Write in the morning

Starting early means you are going to finish your daily target on time. According to many research findings, most people are more productive in the morning. So you stand to achieve more in the morning rather than any other time in the day. There is also a lot of distraction within the day than in the morning. You will have more peace in the morning. In most cases, you will be a winner if you finish your writing before noon. 

Take regular breaks

Writing for long hours sometimes is not healthy. You will burn out at some point. Writing for long periods will also drain you and might demotivate you and make you lose focus. It is essential to take short breaks to refresh your mind and give you more ideas. The ideal break is between 5 to 25 minutes. You can do some simple exercises or take short walks. Writing also mare take you into the zone, and you might forget to take breaks at appropriate intervals. You can use apps such as Teamviz to help alert you when you should have a break.

Write every day

Writing every day may sound like a cliché, but it works. When you write every day, you develop a habit, and you find it easy to write long texts easily. You can start with writing an article every morning and slowly escalate as you proceed. Doing so prepares you to think and write more, and you will enjoy writing as you gain the experience.

Eliminate distraction

Distractions differ with people—there people who can write well with music playing in the background. At the same time, other people need total silence to concentrate. Some people can ignore everything in their environment and concentrate on their work regardless of what is happening in their surroundings. The important thing is that you should know your preference and condition your writing space to fit what works for you.

Use a dual monitor setup

This kind of setup ensures that you can research and write at the same time. It helps you from distractions when you keep minimizing windows and finding mails and other social media pages.

Do not wait for inspiration

It can be highly impractical when you start relying on ideas, inspiration, or a muse. It is normally considered as an excuse for last writes. A good way to be productive is to train yourself to be a good writer who will strengthen your writing muscle. And as they say, practice makes perfect.

Make writing your first task of the day

Writing in the morning is not the only strategy. You also need to make writing the first thing you do before engaging in any other daily activities, such as checking emails and social media pages. The pressure that comes with other activities can inhibit your writing creativity. Research shows that social media leads to a dopamine rush that keeps you engaged in the social media page and hard to shift. 

Take a walk

When you are in a mood that drives up your emotions, take a walk and refresh your mind before writing. You will not be productive if you are not mentally prepared to write. You need to have the right mindset for you to write effectively.

Avoid editing as you write

Editing as you write will inhibit your writing flow. It will paint a picture of how your writing is not good and might demoralize you from continuing. Instead, do your writing first, then do the editing later. It is working for many people, and you should also follow suit. 

Develop your own rules

The above tips are just a standard and a basis for how you can start. However, different people have their preferences. So, set rules that you can easily adjust and that will be flexible for you. You should also have the discipline not to loosen the rules that might compromise your productivity and effectiveness. Also, keep in mind that we are all human. We fall short at times. The rules are not cast in stone. It is ok to fall short at times. 

So, start today and write your 5000 words in a day.

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