Best Law Dissertation Topics for University or College

It has taken you many years and much hard work to get to the point where you are ready to write your law dissertation. Deciding what topic to select is a very important decision. You know it will revolve around your field of expertise, but deciding on the specific topic for your law dissertation can be tough. This important paper will be researched, written, argued, and probably published. Therefore, it needs to be your best-written work, unique, and well researched. Consider some of these topic suggestions:

Topic Ideas

It goes without saying that you paper will probably revolve around some landmark case, so consider your approach due the fact that this will probably not be the first or last dissertation written about that specific case.

  • – Consider a chain of evidence dissertation
  • – Estates case disputes such as the Walt Disney or Anna Nicole Smith one will be interesting for your topic
  • – Focus on a case that impacts you or your community
  • – Consider the role a judge played in a high profile case
  • – Rights of children and how those rights are defined specific to a case would be a good idea
  • – Laws and the variance from state to state would be nice
  • – Sports and law is great for a sports’ fan
  • – Entertainment and law will be interesting
  • – Women and their progress in the court system would be intriguing
  • – Laws no longer on the books that created precedence would be a good idea
  • – Case studies in international law and its reach would make for a fine paper

Your law dissertation topic selection is very dependent on your field and your interests; however, looking at a list like the one above can point you in a direction for your topic. This list is very generic and not focused, but you can take from it the inspiration to come up with your own brilliant topic for your law dissertation. Additionally, do not hesitate to talk to your advisor, some of your professors, or practicing lawyers in your field when selecting a topic. You want to love your topic, as you will spend so much time with it. It may be the deciding factor in what firm you are hired with for your first position. This important document will be a document by which those in your field will judge you by, so make it your best possible work.

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